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Adopt-A-Beast was founded in July 2019, after the devastating floods of Julia Creek and other communities in North West Queensland,  that suffered massive livestock  losses.  These floods caused widespread damage across all aspects of the cattle industry in this region.

The Team

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Nathalie Grassi

Founder and President

Since founding Adopt-A-Beast in 2019, Nathalie's passion for helping farmers and advancing the cattle industry has only grown stronger. She is committed to making a positive impact and supporting our agricultural community in meaningful ways.




One of the first members of Adopt-A-Beast and  secretary since the beginning, Barbara has lived on the land in the  Tamworth area of New South Wales from childhood to her teenage years. Her parents had  sheep, cattle, poultry and crops, and had suffered through droughts, floods and financial problems. 



Since the inception of our charity, Phillip has been honored to serve as Treasurer despite initially lacking prior experience in this specific role. However, he took the initiative to enroll in a basic bookkeeping course to enhance his financial management skills, specifically tailored to the needs of Adopt-A-Beast. This endeavor has equipped him with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively handle our finances and contribute meaningfully to our cause.

Chleo Megel

Business Director

Bringing extensive experience in business operations and event management, Chleo serves as the Business Director on the Adopt-A-Beast Board. With a passion for the non-profit sector, she specializes in strategic planning to achieve our goals and vision.


Wayne McGlinchy

Board Member

One of the first members of Adopt-A-Beast and a board member since the beginning. Wayne joined Adopt-A-Beast for his believe in our values and morals towards helping our cattle graziers. He is a sitting board member and helps with making decisions that will help Adopt-A-Beast grow in a positive way.

Abhinav Jain

Board Member

Abhinav has got over 8+ years of experience in the field of Data Science, Business Analysis and Data Analytics in fortune 500 companies and state government departments like Queensland Health, CBRE, UnitingCare Queensland, Komatsu Australia, BHP, to name a few.


Paddy Moylan

Paddy has operated his own Farm for many years and brings board and legal experience to AAB, together with experience as a Beef cattle farmer in NSW. Paddy was thrilled to join the Board of AAB and help. In his own words “AAB exists to help Farmers when a crisis strikes. We are here to help.”

Board Member

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Joel, whose family are sheep farmers from North Western New South Wales, brings a solid background in law and agriculture to Adopt-A-Beast (AAB), through his employment with a law firm in Brisbane. With experience in board governance, not-for-profits and agriculture, he provides valuable insight to AAB. 

Board Member

Our Mission

Our mission at Adopt-A-Beast is to provide cattle graziers with post-crisis support with the replenishment of livestock.


Our Vision

Our vision at Adopt-A-Beast is one of helping our cattle graziers stay on the land for generations to come.

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