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Latest news from Adopt-A-Beast

  • Federal MP Michelle Landry and the Cattle Club from St Brendan's College Yeppoon.

  • Rockhampton Mayor Tony Wiliams, (back) Federal MP Michelle Landry and Councilor Darryl Branthwaite (Gladstone Regional Council) and members of Adopt-A-Beast.

  • Beck Sypher speaking about all the challenges she and her family faced while on the land.

  • Mary Ryan and Nathalie Grassi having birthday photos for Mary with the cattle club and Cooling rain (black and white) and Banjo, Mary was the winner of our competition of guessing the combined weight.

  • official cutting of the cake with the Mayor, Beck Sypher, Mary Ryan and myself, it was a combined cutting with the Mayor and Mary (birthday girl) both doing the honours.

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